Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Campaign College

On September 8, the Women & Politics Institute in partnership with the Women's Initiative hosted the second annual Campaign College for American University students.

Campaign College was designed to teach undergraduate and graduate students how to run for student government. Research has show, and both organizations firmly believe, that women who run for student government - regardless of whether they win or lose - are more likely to run for elected office after graduation.

Participants in the training learned the rules and regulations about running for student government, heard tricks of the trade from current American University Student Government President, Joe Vidulich and current Senators, and learned and important skills to effectively run for office and manage campaigns.

Participants also heard from former American University Student Government President Rebecca Geller, class of 2002, who spoke about how her experience in student government has helped her as she moved forward to law school and to the "real world".

Perhaps the highlight of this fall's training was a presentation by Virgina State Delegate Kris Amundson entitled "What I Learning About Running for Office from Brittney Spears".

The training was a success again this year. Of the 21 students who participated in the training, 8 ran for office and several more served as campaign staff. 7 of the 8 who ran won. Congratulations to the following:

Ben Schorr (2011 Senate)

Kera Package (2011 Senate)

Andrew MacCracken (SPA Senate)

Liz Goc (At-Large Senate)

Amy Chin (At-Large Senate)

Nirvana Habash (2011 Vice President)

Cait Chew (2011 Secretary)

Building on the success of the training in the fall, the Women & Politics Institute and the Women's Initiative plan to hold Campaign College again in the spring. More information will be forthcoming.

Please contact Nicole Spirgen, Leadership Programs Coordinator for the Women & Politics Institute at or (202) 885-6273, for more information.