Friday, April 10, 2009

Campaign College Grad, WPI Volunteer Wins Big for 2012 Class President

The Women & Politics Institute is proud to congratulate our 2008-2009 volunteer and 2009-2010 staffer, Stephanie Eichmann on her election to president of the class of 2012. Her campaign against the incumbent president, Isaiah Joo was a heated battle, as seen in the aggressive campaigning. The student body handed Eichmann a decisive victory with 55% of the vote.

Incoming President Eichmann’s gained valuable experience in the fall semester serving as vice president. Eichmann ran after attending WPI’s Campaign College in the fall. In the race for class president, Eichmann’s posters were creative and witty and she utilized Facebook effectively as a campaign too as well as inviting classmates to email her directly with questions, concerns and complaints. The incoming president also credits the persistent work of campaign manager, Phil Cardarella as one of the keys to her win.

Great work, Eich! As one of her posters read: She’s the Mann!