Thursday, May 21, 2009

Women's Bar Association of DC Honors Karen O'Connor

Karen O'Connor, Women & Politics Institute Director Emeritus, was honored on May 19 at the 2009 Women's Bar Association's Annual Award Dinner. She was one of 11 Honorary Committee members, a prestigious group that included Senator Kristen Gillibrand (NY-D), former DC Council Member, Carol Schwartz, and Francis Townsend, former Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Assistant to President George W. Bush. 

The theme of the 2009 Award Dinner was Women in Politics. Elena Kagan, the U.S. Solicitor General was given the distinction of this year's Woman Lawyer of the Year. As one of America's oldest, largest and most active women's bars, the Women's Bar Association has a tradition of honoring truly distinguished women. WPI is proud to count our Founder and Director Emeritus in this group.