Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Fox News

“Shanika, we’re going live!” said Julia Piscitelli, our Assistant Director, and thirty seconds later she appeared on a little window to the right of the screen in front of me, discussing Governor. Sarah Palin’s sudden revelation to resign from her seat last Friday.

Almost everything about that incident was expected and normal. Julia tapes for Fox regularly, as its Democratic consultant, speaking up for liberals across the country and Friday had been my turn to accompany her through the process. As a communications major, I find the whole procedure of putting together a six minute clip and the work that goes into it fascinating.

What was strange about it was the fact that Julia was doing a clip for Bulls and Bears (for the next day), that she had started recording ten minutes earlier than she was supposed to, and that she wasn’t discussing the economy but Gov. Palin’s resignation that shocked quite a few last Friday.

Not only did I get the chance to see the taping for Bulls and Bear but I also got the chance to see what went on within the news station in the aftermath of Gov. Palin’s announcement. From the sudden call on Julia who was in the studio for a completely different reason, to the delay in getting the actual recording (for Bulls and Bears) to begin, to the unusual level of excitement and trepidation that seemed to lie heavily in the newsroom’s atmosphere and the sudden switch to news coverage instead of the usual Friday evening programs, this was definitely a unique experience. After all, It’s not always that you can claim to have seen news being made.