Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Claire Ivers (Age 10) Wants To Run For Congress

What interests me about women in politics? Well, a lot of things. But why did I want to spend the day as an intern? I grew up with everyone around me saying, “Girls can do anything boys can do.” And I always knew that. But I always wanted to prove that girls and boys are equal, especially to people who think boys have all the power and girls should be trophies who stay home and sew.

I first became interested in equal rights when I was about seven and a half. I wanted to take action, but I could barely cross the street on my own. While my friends wanted to be doctors and dancers, I wanted to run for Congress. I loved writing papers on women’s rights and the elections, reading about Susan B. Anthony, and studying Eleanor Roosevelt. My friends thought I was nuts!

When I turned ten, though, my Dad said that maybe I could help out at the Women & Politics Institute. It was music to my ears! I intern for WPI whenever possible. I’ve met congresswomen and am already planning my own campaign for Congress. I keep track of all nine Supreme Court Justices, had a tour the Supreme Court, and think we need more women.

By working at WPI, I reached my goal of working for women’s rights and proving that girls can do anything boys can do. Can you imagine having no right to vote or speak out freely? I’m still hoping for a woman president. But in the meantime, I am trying to figure out why women don’t believe they are as qualified as men to run for office and change the world.

Claire Ivers