Saturday, March 28, 2009

Women, Media, and the 2008 Campaign

This weekend the Women & Politics Institute is offering a 1-credit class on Women, Media, and the 2008 Campaign. Taught by WPI Associate Director Julia Piscitelli, discussion topics include cleavage, crying, Sarah Palin, and gender's role in last year's pivotal election. So far the class has featured speakers from the McClatchy news service and noted women and politics scholar Barb Palmer, who discussed her research on women-friendly districts. We also had the pleasure (?) of viewing Paris Hilton's faux-campaign ad over lunch, which I've included below to give you a taste of the course. As you can tell, we had a fun first day! Remember, if you're interested in any of the Women & Politics Institute courses or in the WPPL Certificate Program, visit the WPI website for more information.